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The safety and health of festival attendees is always our #1 goal, so for the 2022 festival season we will have many safety precautions in place. 

We closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will update safety concerns as soon as they become available. 


Attending any event or large gathering will increase the risk of COVID-19 exposure. 

By attending the Columbus Caribbean Festival you assume all risks, dangers and hazards before, during or after the event regardless or how or when the virus was contacted or contracted. 

Furthermore, you waive any and all claims against Drake Company, LLC, Celebrity Style Events, Abba Music Group, Columbus Caribbean Festival, the venue, any vendors ; retail or food vendors, contractors, performers, employees or any one else associated with the Columbus Food & Wine Festival. 

By attending, Columbus Caribbean Festival the above mentioned is not responsible for any fever, sickness or exposure to COVID-19. 

Therefore, if you are sick - PLEASE STAY HOME! 

We will adhere to any and all CDC, local state and city COVID -19 regulations and guidelines that are in place and attendees are required to do the same. 

This statement will be available for signature at the festival grounds for signature. All festival attendees are required to sign this document to gain entry.  

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